DJ Fly Guy is a visionary, a dreamer, and a burst of raw talent in the music scene. Blending impeccable taste with a feel for the moment, Fly Guy channels his unadulterated passion through his musical performances, bringing a surge of energy to any room he plays. 

Simple roots and a scrappy attitude helped raise Fly Guy to the top. At 15 years old, the young MC spent his days and nights hustling, eager to translate his energy from DJ booths to dancefloors. Without a single piece of equipment to his name, Fly Guy did his name justice -- and learned the art form truly on the fly. Once the self-taught talent got his start, there was no turning back; he learned briskly and with ease, taking every gig as a learning opportunity. He quickly became known for his masterful ability to connect to crowds. With his energetic presence fueling the motion on the floor, Fly Guy began to make a name for himself as a versatile, impassioned, top talent DJ.

Despite raw ability and the accolades to back it up, Fly Guy remains humble and dedicated to perfecting his art form. Now a global sensation highlighted by an appearance on VH1’s “Master of the Mix” DJ competition, it’s no wonder that the likes of Drake, Erykah Badu, A$AP Rocky, J Cole and Robin Thicke have chosen Fly Guy to DJ their private events. He’s made waves at events during Miami's Art Basel weekends year after year as well as playing in national athletic stadiums across the country as an official DJ for Copa America Centenario Soccer Tournament, nationally-renowned festivals, and nightclubs from Tokyo to Switzerland, Asia, and  Toronto.  Through all this, Fly Guy is still a Miami staple as a DJ for Headliner Market Group (the company behind two of Miami's and the country's biggest parties, LIV on Sunday at LIV nightclub, and STORY Thursday at LIV's sister club). Just like his DJ style, his brand has no limitations. Fly Guy sets himself apart with accolades like a mobile app and upcoming clothing line. 

In this world there’s no faking it, and Fly Guy is as genuine as they come.